VKI lecture Series (STO-AVT-234) on "Hypersonic Flight Testing"


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Apr 13, 2010
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The VKI lecture Series (STO-AVT-234) on "Hypersonic Flight Testing" will take place from 24 to 27 March , 2014 at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode-St-Genèse, Belgium.


Hypersonic flight experiments benefit from the recent technology developments in materials, computational power, miniaturisation, etc. that have significantly reduced the level of cost and resources required for such testing. They appear more and more attractive as a research activity, in association with wind tunnel and CFD activities. This recent trend can be illustrated by the increased number of hypersonic research programs: X-51, HIFiRE, SHEFFEX, SCRAMSPACE, EXPERT, IXV, LEA, USV, etc. Translating a laboratory experiment into the sky imposes severe design constraints on the payload, typically affecting its environmental conditions (pressure, temperature, acceleration, etc.), packaging and resources (mass, energy and data). This special course aims at reviewing the recent hypersonic flight research programs, address the fundamental differences between ground and in-sky testing, report on the different mission design methodologies and the constraints associated with the realities of hypersonic flights.

Famous lecturers are invited: Ernst Heinrich Hirschel (AIAA Aachen), Charles J. Camarda (NASA Ames), Hendrick Weihs (DLR Stuttgart), Jan Thoemel (VKI), Giorgio Tumino (ESA), Kevin Bowcutt (BOEING), Sandy Tirtey (Rocket Lab Ltd), Francois Falempin (MBDA) and Guillermo Paniagua (VKI).

The lecture series is co-organized by Prof. O. Chazot from the von Karman Institute (Belgium), Prof. T. Magin from the von Karman Institute (Belgium) and Dr. Sandy Tirtey from University of Queensland (Australia).

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