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12 July 2006
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About the VFW 614 in several publication something was written, but nothing about the VFW 624 (drawings from the German "aero" magazine January/February 1973). I asked the author of the "Chronik des Lemwerder Flugzeugwerkes", Mr Wenz, but he denied to know this design. Checking the EADS archive in Bremen was unsuccessfully :(. Now my last hope is that somebody in the forum can help (year of development, dimensions, weights, estimated performances, etc.) ...


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Do I dream? Or are drawings 1 & 2 : asymmetric? Great!
Thanks for those original posts ;D

(I have immediately modified my asymmetric-aircraft Web-site http://cmeunier.chez-alice.fr/Asymm_addition.htm , thanks again!)
No, they're symmetric; there are broken lines where the outboard portions of the port wings are removed to keep drawing size down.
Dear Evan,
Thanks for your opinion, but it does not fit: the port wings before truncation are too long without engine for your hypothesis to match…

- either the drawing is wrong, the truncation being drawn too far
- either these are asymmetric planes
They are not assymetric and the trawing is not wrong. Author just did not paint the rest of the wing and right engine to save space. Just imagine generated lift and weight loading during flight. If it ever took to the air, than it should work as a blower. :D
Uh? I do not understand, sorry… :-[
* According to me, if these 624-1 and 624-2 were symmetric triplex-engine, the source (below left) would be completely wrong - the correct drawings saving space should have been the ones I corrected (below right): if you do not draw the port engine, you must not draw the wing where it is installed.

So I keep my opinion: the left drawings are either wrong :mad: or asymmetric ;D.
* Some asymmetric jet airliners have been really designed (see the Douglas D-967-20 & 30 ::) on my site), actually handling asymmetry in weight/lift/thrust.
IMHO, a larger version of the VFW 614 might have been based on a CTOL version of the VFW-Fokker VC-180. But unfortunally no documents or pictures to prove my opinion so far.

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