Various UAV and UCAV Designs from Europe


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26 May 2006
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The Rheimetall Germany company is developing a new recce
UAV called the KZO.


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The Alcore Technologies is a french company and develop
a new UAV called Futura,it is delta wing medium range fast
recce aircraft.


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To be precise, it is the model of the Airbus/Hamburg university AC 20.30 used as the illustration in the post about the second Barracuda. The photo itself is not related with the UCAVs in any way. Interesting that the model does not have the engines.

the UK UCAV.


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Machdiamond said:
A model of that size would be of no use aerodynamically to a real program
hmm...not that I don't believe to aerodynamicist, but then what, for example, Dassault did then with their Petit Duc?
Petit Duc was 7ft, that is the lower limit of useful Reynolds numbers so that will work. Smaller than that is flying lawn mowers territory.
those images look to be piloted aircraft. i suspect they do not show the actual UAV design.
Is there any specific reason why this topic is in Aerospace section, while similar about US planes is in Postwar aircraft projects?
I was wondering why that topic was over in Postwar Aircraft Projects myself.

In other news:

The world’s oldest training establishment for test pilots is aiming to keep pace with modern airpower trends. The Empire Test Pilots’ School at Boscombe Down in the U.K. is moving into its eighth decade and has established the Unmanned Air Systems Capability Development Centre.

The center, the first in the U.K., aims to keep the nation in the vanguard of UAS developments by facilitating the melding of defense and industry expertise in the sector. Inaugurated in April 2012, the facility has been “bedding in” over the past year, and will support the rapid development of unmanned air systems programs from concept to deployment.

“In 2013 we will be pushing it a lot more and taking on a lot more work,” said Qinetiq spokesman John Hay-Campbell. The test pilot’s school is run jointly by the U.K. Ministry of Defence and defense contractor Qinetiq.

Objectives will include communicating best practices to support the maximum re-use of data and lessons learnt; coordinating provision of facilities such as access to air ranges and airspace; and accelerating technology insertion through the maximum re-use of expertise and simulation capabilities.

The MoD hopes the center will make UAS procurement more efficient. The UASCDC was created to support development by providing a “corporate memory” to help organizations identify existing expertise, knowledge and facilities, potentially easing initial program planning and accelerating project outcomes.

The center will not operate the systems itself but instead provide a repository of best practices and resources for organizations involved in their development. It aims to pool expertise in areas such as air vehicle engineering, release-to-service, and the integration of command and control and communications systems with UAS developers’ own skills.
Matej said:
Is there any specific reason why this topic is in Aerospace section, while similar about US planes is in Postwar aircraft projects?

Had a look at our "Various UAV and UCAV designs from ... " threads. Most posts are about projects are maybe prototypes,
no wonder as the number of actually fielded UAV/ACAVs is still relatively low.
If there are types included, that are already used in numbers and so would be better suited to the Aerospace section, I would
split those posts into separated threads, the other threads will be moved to the Postwar Projects Section.
Utva Vrabac (Sparrow):
From Wikipedia:
The Vrabac (Sparrow) is a mini drone intended for day/night reconnaissance and surveillance at shorter distances, as well as for target finding and designating, produced in Serbia by Utva.[1] It weighs 5.3 kg with a 2.80 meter wing span. It can carry a payload of maximum of 1.5 kg. The Vrabac has a total of 1 hour flying time and has the maximum flight speed of 85km/h. The operation range of Vrabac's is 10 km+ and an operative height of 300 to 500 meters. The Vrabac drone is designed to survey and analyze major infrastructural facilities such as pipelines, major roads, bridges, forests etc. The VRABAC is a high-wing monoplane made of composite materials. Its fuselage is aerodynamically shaped around the equipment. The nose part contains an 800W DC motor charged by a Li-pol battery while the space below and behind it is intended for electro-optical equipment. The airborne computer is in the central part. The UAV is hand launched and lands with a parachute and an airbag.
The PEGAZ 011 (Pegasus 011) is a medium range tactical UAV for day and night reconnaissance and surveillance missions, target acquisition and designation that is being developed by Military Technical Institute in Serbia. Its flight autonomy is over 12 hours and it sends data from the height of 3,000m. Powered by a two-cylinder boxer type of engine with 32kW (43HP), it reaches the maximum flight speed of 200km/h. The PEGAZ has a maximum weight of 230kg, including about 40kg of reconnaissance/surveillance equipment. It is 5.4m long with a wingspan of 6.34m. It takes off automatically from improvised runways and performs tasks along pre-programmed flight (optional: catapult).

General characteristics
Crew: none on-board
Length: 5.4 m (17.71 ft)
Wingspan: 6.34 m (20.8 ft)
Height: ()
Wing area: 4.24 m² (45.64 sq ft)
Empty weight: 120 kg (264 lb)
Loaded weight: 40 kg (88 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 230 kg (507 lb)
Powerplant: 1 × Two cylinders boxer, 32 КW (43 hp)

Maximum speed: 200 km/h (124 mph)
Cruise speed: 130-150 km/h (81–93 mph)
Range: 100 km (62 mi)
Endurance: 12 h
Service ceiling: 3000 m ()

Automatic takeoff from prepared runway (optional: catapult)
Automatic landing on prepared runway (emergency: parachute)
Fully autonomous way points tracking, holding, camera guiding Emergency and return home mode Altitude and velocity autopilot


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You don't need Vrabac for things like that. :D

When a new bridge was opened in Belgrade on January 1st 2012, the night opening ceremony was recorded with small remote controlled helicopter with digital camera.

HELSINKI — Saab is considering a plan to develop an unmanned version of its next-generation JAS Gripen-E multirole fighter as the company sets its sights on winning a series of medium-size international orders for about 300 manned Gripen-Es in the next 20 years.

“We expect to produce a large number of unmanned aircraft in the future. However, the military cannot afford dual systems [of both unmanned and regular aircraft],” Saab CEO Håkan Buskhe told reporters. “This is about finding cost-effective solutions to enable decisions regarding whether a plane will fly with or without a pilot on various missions. These present significant opportunities to develop the Gripen in the future.”...

...Saab’s strategic direction regarding the Gripen-E’s development, as well as the potential to use in-house technologies to produce an unmanned version, will be mapped out by Buskhe at the Paris Air Show on June 18, said Saab spokesman Sebastian Carlsson.

“This is a very interesting time for Saab, and the Gripen-E and the proposed unmanned Gripen are part of the overall development process,” Carlsson said....
In Le Bourget 2013 Selex (Finmeccanica group) presented the Falco. Data are here :
On last years ILA in Berlin Singulair Aircraft showed a mockup of its SA-03 "Amphibian Multipurpose
Aircraft". Looking a bit outdated, somehow like a very large model of a Dornier Wal, it is an attempt to
build a rugged UAV, able to take off from unpaved runways or water.
More information


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The technical university Wildau/Germany developed a UAV for scientific/commercial uses,
the prototype was flown for the first time in 2009. With a span of 5m and an empty weight
of 14 kg, it can carry a payload of up to 10 kg and stays airborne for around 60 minutes. One
of the main design points was a strict separation of carrier and payload. The first project (from the
same university), this drone was used for, was SALSA (Smart Aerial Scanner), a 3D camera
system , for mapping with a geometrical resolution of around 3 cm.
For ATTISS, mainly commercial off-the-shelf components (RC-model components) were used.


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From a flyer I've got on last years ILA in Berlin, pictures and data of the ILX-27 UAV,
developed by Air Force the Institute of Technology/Warsaw , Military Aviation Works
No. 1 J.S.C./Warsaw and the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, where the prototype was built.
It's intended for civil and military missions, armed and unarmed.


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Spotted last week on the Cassidian / EADS stand at DSEI, the 'Tanan' rotary wing UAV. Whilst this is a display model, it appeared flight capable (using R/C helicopter mechanicals). However, I was informed the final version would be similar in size / capability to the Saab 'Skeldar'.



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I couldn't be absolutely sure that it was flyable but all the mechanical parts were present. If it were a pure display model, I wouldn't expect to see R/C helicopter parts as they aren't 'scale'.
Model of Defense Technologies, Inc. Kestrel UAV for intelligence, survelliance, and reconnaissance found on eBay.



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Model of Defense Technologies, Inc. Kestrel UAV for intelligence, survelliance, and reconnaissance found on eBay.


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