Various Sikorsky helicopter projects

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Great find! Thanks. I have always wondered why Sikorsky has never pursued a light helicopter. Not able to compete in a flush market?
Hard to break into a saturated market, unless you have something significantly better/different than whatever is there. Example: Tesla cars. Love them or hate them, they broke into the domestic car market and made pure EVs visible and viable. You'd need something that order of "better" to successfully break into the light helicopter market.

If the S97 has acceptable vibration characteristics, I could see it being wanted as an air ambulance. The extra speed is highly desirable from the medical POV.

Sikorsky designd a project from HH-3 (S-61) to resemble Mil Hind ?!.

That was for the National Training Center, like the VISMOD tanks built on M551 chassis.
Okay, just to make it clear... This was NOT a real Sikorsky project! It appears alongside other Sikorsky images in the National Archives collections, and shows that engineers can also have a sense of humor!
( I wanted to post it in the "Aviation humor" thread, but because some people can't behave, it sadly has been closed... :( )

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