USMC Doctrine Changes

just viewed USMC congressional testimony on CSPAN.

USMC general claiming "We are done w/ HMWVs" while a congressman responded the Joke TLV is still listed as an unfinded requirement. Another congressman asking how the USMC can be done w/ HMWVs when significant numbers of Joke TLVs will not be in service till 2031. guessing the top hvy JTLV must not be flip over junkie due to steering and speed limits, and weight. The Joke TLV requirement needs to completly assessed and competed..

USMC general completely skirted the question of how heavy logistics requiring missile systems are compatitable w/ wide spanses and the need for deep magazines.

Seven M-777 batteries, no matter large each battery, renders the USMC to a basically Royal Marine commandoe like force requiring a great deal less resourcing.

A niche force sure looks more likely when 53Ks are going for as much as an F-35 . USMC general claimed $107-117 M a copy vs $93M for a 53K.

seemed like a "Lies Lies Lies yeah" (Thompson Twins) fest

The 2022 annual update to FD2030.

The new force design will likely see a lot more adjustments in the coming years. We absolutely need to prepare ourselves against China as a pacing threat, if a conflict occurs, but I can understand the concern of former flag officers that we may be overspecializing or that the ideas are unproven. Some of the changes were reverted, such as the organization of the tiltrotor force. Obviously adjustments are being made as we speak as we experiment with the LCT concept over at III MEF.

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