USAF SOR-187: VTOL search and rescue aircraft

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27 December 2005
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Mentioned in Flying Review Sept 1961


Small search-retrieval aircraft with VTOL to be carried pick-a-back by a C-130 Hercules. Aircraft carried to combat zone by the Hercules and launched in the air to carry supplies to forward combat sites, returning to the parent transport with casualties.
Air Force SOR-187 development plan (July 10, p. 19) calls for a VTOL aircraft with maximum ferry range of l,200 mi. It would be carried piggyback by a C-130-class aircraft to a battlefield area where it would be launched to carry supplies to a combat site. then return to its mother aircraft. It could also ferry supply pods between mother aircraft and combat sites. Development period for the VTOL aircraft would be 5 yr.
Aviation Week 17 July 1961
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