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5 April 2006
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Justo Miranda’s “Unknown!” volume 4 is now available for download. This issue includes 60 pages of technical illustrations with 1/72, 1/24 and 1/5 scale drawings and English text.

*Horten Ho XIII B German supersonic delta fighter
*Henschel P.75 German canard-pusher heavy fighter, *”Einpersonenfluggerät” German flying belt
*”Panzerblitz I” German antitank airborne rocket series
*Curtiss-Wright P-248-01 (CW-21B “Demon” + Allison engine)
*Twin-engined variant of Curtiss P.40, Davis “Manta fighter” (twin boom airframe)
*Davis “Manta fighter” (conventional airframe)
*Kawanishi “Baika” model 1 (detachable undercarriage)
*Kawanishi “Baika” model 2 (submarine launched variant)
*Kawanishi “Baika” model 3 (air launched variant)
*Blackburn B-37 “Firebrand” Mk I & Mk II British naval fighter
*Fiat G.50V, G.52 & G.53 in line engined variants
*French flying guns in WWII : MAC 34, Oerlikon FFS, HS.7, HS.9 & HS.404
*French baby fighters Potez 230, Roussel R.30 & Bloch 700/720

Unknown #4 can be purchased for download for $16.



and where is ?

I was sure to have ordered 4 volume , but on my email has arrived 3 volume ! :-[
airman said:
and where is ?

I was sure to have ordered 4 volume , but on my email has arrived 3 volume ! :-[

Errr... that's because you *ordered* #3.

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you are right, ( damned me :-X ),
well, about past volumes i am satisfied , especially 13 variants of Morane !

i hope to see in future version pdf of books of John Baxter ! ::)
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