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4 June 2006
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If DH hadn't scaled down the DH121 and the Medway enters service, what other applications, civilian and military does it have potential for, does the Spey get developed and if not what are the implications of this?

If when developing the Gyron Junior, the Gyron had only been reduced enough to produce the equivalent power of a Spey, what implications does this have?

What if more powerful engines had been available to de Havilland for the Comet 1?
Don't know enough about the Medway - got any specs?

If the Spey had been replaced by a "Gyron-Teenager", then:

1. The Buccaneer wouldn't have gone as far, but might have gone there slightly faster.

2. If the G-T was sufficiently powerful, then the F-4K/M Phantom might, ironically enough, have gone better, since a pure turbojet of Spey thrust would probably have been narrower and flowed fewer cubic feet of air, thus matching the intakes better and not needing area-rule-screwing-up engine bay bulges.

3. Italy/Brazil might have had to take the plunge and design the AMX around the Rb-199 rather than the cheap, old Spey, thus making it remarkably like some late '70s Panavia studies (P.61), and better for it.

I like the Spey - I'm glad it "saved" the Buccaneer, and it's a shame we never built a clean-sheet of paper fighter around a pair of afterburning ones, instead of the the silly, political F-4K/M project.

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