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Type 31 GPFF


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Jan 19, 2016
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Definitely not. The article seems quite clear that the procurement is proceeding, with MoD taking over a larger share of the cost (in the form of increased Government Furnished Equipment) and risk. The only thing that is dead here is the idea that the ships could be built with useful capabilities for £250m.
I believe I am correct in saying although the MoD has said they will allow a greater amount of GFM, its cost still has to be entirely met by the 250m average for 5 ships including R&D. In other words, the budget for the ships has not increased.
Aplogies, I am mistaken. A quick search of Hansard provided this MoD quote: "... I have been checking throughout the price we have, which is £250 million per ship. We made some initial adjustments to make it tie in with the way we have procured other warships in the past, so we have taken costs such as Government-furnished equipment out of that £250 million"


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Sep 6, 2006
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The preferred bidder for the Type 31e has been announced this week, Babcock with the Arrowhead 140 design.
5 ships are to be built, commencing later this year and the first completing in 2023.

The industrial side of things is less certain, Harland & Wolff and Ferguson were part of the initial bid but of course are now in financial difficulties and the BBC report seems to indicate the MoD is happy to leave Babcock to sort its sub-contracting arrangements.

https://www-bbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/ ... s-49670332

https://www.babcockinternational.com/ne ... programme/