1. Avempestad2

    Admiral Grigorovich class frigate

    This thread was made for the Admiral Grigorovich class frigate since there isn't really one dedicated to it. Now for the main reason I made this, Is there any credible images/specs of this frigate class? I'm specifically looking for pictures of the Admiral Essen, but any is fine.
  2. Grey Havoc

    Canadian Surface Combatant Related thread:
  3. I

    Unbuilt PLA Navy projects

    Hi! Here is an unbuilt early design of Type 054 frigate. Using 3K95 Klinok short range surface to air missile.
  4. Grey Havoc

    Iranian nuclear powered ships program This is likely to deadend very quickly (assuming that it's serious in the first...
  5. C

    MEKO CSL Is there any more information about this ship around? I haven't been able to find to much.
  6. Triton

    Regional Deterrence Ship

    I found a report and some artwork of the Team 1992 of the Naval Postgraduate School - Total Ship Systems Engineering on how an affordable future frigate for the US Navy might look like. They named the ship the Regional Deterence Ship (RDS). Web link to a paper written by Team 1992 of the Naval...
  7. uk 75

    Vosper Thorneycroft Mk 10 frigate variants

    The Brazilian "Niteroi" class frigates started life as the Vosper Thorneycroft Mark 10 design in the late 1960s. Many years ago I was looking at a Vosper brochure and it contained a small artwork of a version of this ship armed with Seadart instead of the forward 4.5" gun. I have never been able...
  8. TinWing

    Mystery BAE Systems Frigate Design...Mislabeled as the DML FC65 By Jane's?

    This drawing appear to depict a BAE Systems design similar to the Lekiu class class built for Malaysia. Oddly, Jane's Defence Weekly mislabeled the same illustration as the DML F65, which obviously was a much larger concept, with a greatly different appearance. From the following Hungarian...
  9. R

    BAE Frigate from DSA 2008?

    Today I found this on a Turkish website: from here: What kind of project is it? Looks like a nice Type 23 follower.
  10. Abraham Gubler

    Early CF.299 Destroyer Proposals (previously mistaken for RN Type 19 frigate)

    The following webpage has quite a bit of information about alternate designs for the RN’s Type 19 CVA-01 escort frigate. The designs explore difference ASW configurations with ASROC, Ikara and Malafon.