Tupolev Tu-324/Tu-414


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From Czech L+K magazine, No.9/2002:

Mod edit: the scans of the whole article removed.
Its not a good idea to post the whole articles published not so long ago. Can you edit your post to include only the interesting pictures, that were not posted before? I know that the text is readable only for the minority of the forum members but still...
And from Alternathistory site;



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Is the project still underway, or has it been permanently put on hold/cancelled? Wikipedia claims that this aircraft is a development of the Tu-134, is true or is it false?
New attempt at resuscitation . the unusual part is that its supposedly being done by Gazprom which is supposedly setting up its own design and engineering office under Gazprom Tech LLC. for the Tu 324 project , scooping up the cadre that previously worked on Chinese CR929.

Possibility of resuming the Tu-324 aircraft project under the Aurus brand
Tatarstan network publication “BUSINESS Online” in the material of Timur Latypov “Tatar” jet: the “unfinished” Tu-324 will be turned into a flying Aurus. Gazprom structures are involved in the creation of the aircraft, for which Minnikhanov has fought for years, and reported that the reincarnation of once-stalled aircraft construction programs continues. Designed in the late 1990s by order of the government of Tatarstan, the Tu-324 aircraft will become the basis for the creation of a business jet of the Aurus transport line. What’s interesting is that the topic will be hosted not by Tupolev or the UAC at all, but by one of Gazprom’s companies.

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