To Mars! By Apollo.

Is this art for the Mars encounter (flybys) using Apollo hardware that was proposed for the 1970s? This would be prior to the NERVA-powered spacecraft of the 1980s that would be landing on Mars.
A similiar study was done, in the same period, for a Venus flyby using Apollo hardware with almost the same configuration depicted for Mars mission.
for manned Venus Fly by
that's Bellcomm. Inc proposal from Feb 1967
its a 'wet workshop' S-IVB
standart Apollo CSM Block III/ Saturn V but the LM is replace
by conical Environmental Support Module (ESM)with airlock, supplies, Probes.

after launch on October 31, 1973
the S-IVB reignites to Venus, after that the Crew dock the CSM on ESM
vented any remaining S-IVB fuel into space
during the first week of mission the crew rebuild LH2 tank into Space Station
four months later at march 3, 1974 the S-IVB pass Venus in 6185 km distance
several probe are drop
December 1, 1974 the S-IVB return Earth
the Crew return in CSM separate from S-IVB and return to Earth
Bellcomm Propsal

the most famous Apollo Mars Fly-By proposal is from North America Aviation
were used modifide CSM Block 3 and conical Space Station Module,5316.0.html

Douglas proposed MORL Station with Apollo Block III for Mars Fly-By
Technical Proposal for a Study of Spacecraft for Manned Planetary Encounter/Retrieval Missions, SD 67-876, North American Aviation, Inc., Space Division, September 14, 1967.

The apollo mars designs were a study by North American Aviation (they would would'nt they) and if the politcal will had been right they might have come off. But they were doomed as soon as follow on to Apollo was cut.

I believe the artwork illustrated the flyby mission but the apollo csm was fitted with 3 engines from the descent stage of the LM. It could be updated with the Orion CEV!!!
There was an artificial gravity version proposed with the CSM as a counterweight.


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