Tikhonravov's VR-190 Manned Rocket


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16 January 2008
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I'm looking for any more info on this project. I remember seeing a drawing of a kind of manned V-2 in Air and Space magazine some time ago but I don't remember exactly when. So I went through the search engine and these are the only two tangible bits I could find. .

From http://www.russianspaceweb.com/tikhonravov.html, by Anatoly Zak:

"In March 1946, Tikhonravov proposed the development of VR-190 to M. V. Khrunichev, the Minister of Aviation Industry. Despite a formal approval of the design and, supposedly, positive attitude of Stalin himself, major technical challenges stalled the project. With the formation of specialized rocket industry in May 1946, aviation establishment offered Tikhonravov and a number of other NII-1 (NII-3) specialists to transfer a newly created NII-4 institute in Bolshevo, near Moscow."

VR-190 nosecone image:


I'd love to know a little more about the VR-190.

VR-190 reconstruction by Alexander Shlyadinsky


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So, was the capsule supposed to separate from the V2 just above the alcohol tank? I don't see a parachute...is that column between the sub-cosmonauts supposed to be a periscope?
You know what? Now that you mention it, I seem to remember a a nosecone parachute compartment on the VR-190 drawing. It was in AIR & SPACE last year. I found a link a link. It's good piece on Tikhonravov. Too bad the jerks didn't bother including the drawing when they put the article online. I should have gotten the issue.


I would have gotten the issue at that time, but my landlady had taken my money already.
Dramatiс VR-190 cutaway.
(c) Alexander Shlyadinsky via Igor Afanas'ev


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Wow, that's nice! Is it OK if I repost this stuff to "The Rocketry Forum"? Some of my fellow model rocketeers would be mightily interested in this!
Just don't forget to put that "(c) Alexander Shlyadinsky via Igor Afanas'ev"
Nope, this is Sasha Shlyadinsky and Igor Afanas'ev are unmercenary saints.
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