The VEHRA Spaceplane


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16 January 2008
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Check this out
Dassault is still dreaming about the space shuttle - at least at academic level.


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It seems Dassault is still actively studying this and a report is due out soon

Of course there are so many suborbital/space tourism related designs and concepts around that attracting serious funding will be a huge challenge (especially given the current political/economic climate). I'm sure some in Europe/ESA would love to have a European system to 'compete' with all the ones under active development in the US but I doubt any politicians will support that out of public funding.
Dreams no more than that, only a post-Hermes' nightmare dreams....
cardonet said:
FutureSpaceTourist said:
It seems Dassault is still actively studying this and a report is due out soon

On the Dassault website:

And a new update
A nice image of the VHS is attached (from FlightGlobal article). Thought we should have something on this thread that shows what it would look like!


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in 2011 Dassault use now the term:
Le projet de micro-lanceur aéroporté "MLA"
Project of micro launch from airports
for it Rafale micro sat launcher and VEHRA suborbital sat launcher,5583.msg134582.html#msg134582

but i see in the YT video a old problem of all this airliner launch concepts, VEHRA pass close at tail unit
i think it would better it Dassault modify the Airbus with a v-tail

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