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11 March 2006
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... but this picture, I got quite a while ago from boxkite, is said, to show a
Sud Aviation swing wing project. I've no more information about it.
Anyone else ?
At first glance, I'd say it's Sud Aviation's competitor to the large, twin-engined design int eh Mirage G series. From the inlets, it's clearly not a Dassault design and the rest is a matter of form following function.
the project you mention could be a competitor to the RAGEL program. RAGEL mean "Reconnaissance, Attaque, Guerre Electronique Lointaine".
According to Henry Matthew, the Mirage G4 (later G8) was one of the competitor to this program. and this Sud Aviation project looks strinkingly similar to a G4...
Just like the TALP or DAFNE, RAGEL is a program, not an aircraft!!!
and we know that the TALP and DAFNE competitions opposed various projects from nord, Sud and Breguet...
Dassault stayed alone for the first time for the ACF starting in 1972. Before that, Breguet, Nord and Sud (the latter being public firms) still competed aginst the firm...
RAGEL date back from 1968 or so, in fact it look like an AFVG successor and led to the G4 and G8.
There had been no competition for the AFVG simply because itwas a cooperative program between BAC and Dassault right from the start...
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