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2 August 2006
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...this is a video of the STOVL F-35 by Northrop Grumman. I wasn't sure where else to post it, but with all of the doors on it ("The collection of flying doors" as it's referred to..) it reminds me of a transformer from the cartoon/movie series.
Not bad, either they've edited footage of the X-35B to more closely resemble the production F-35B or they've done some excellent modelling. The resolution on my computer was good enough for me to check some of the items I know to look for. I do know that the clip doesn't actually depict BF-1, she's nowhere near far enough along, yet, to fly.

Yeah, there are a fair number of doors, but the count is reduced over the X-35B and, overall, it's a fairly straight-forward approach.
I noticed in the video it had retractable fences on the bottom of the fuselage that the X-35B didn't have. I also noticed the lift fan door is now a single piece affair. I thought the video/animation of the nozzle was very well done.

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