The Moon Strike


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9 August 2009
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Even if it didn't exactly arive with a bang , NASA's recent attempt on the moon seems real impressive . An anchorman on Turkish TV last night couldn't quite shut up the invited guest scientist who went on and on speaking . Though the factor of luck is still valid in engineering . You can arrange things in social sciences ; merely having a different name can gain a Nobel for you . Yet going all the way to moon and hitting a dry patch in an ocean , now that's plain bad luck .

Surprising thing is all the trained on target telescobes , according to early TV reports , failed to see . I think I saw one white dot in a photograph in BBC . I have seen these reports suggesting that the newly upgraded Hubble would be powerful enough to see the landing sites of Apollos' . Simple minds can't get it when some scope reaching billions of years away can't "see" a towering impact cloud literally next door . So when is the planned upgrade schedule for Hubble ?

Isn't it so unfortunate one Rob Arndt , who seems to be a clear favourite of many people , will have something more to add to his movie ?

are the first three things that came up with a Google search ...

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