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The first bizz jet ...


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Mar 11, 2006
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Looking for photos of the MS.760C Paris III, I stumbled across a photo on
http://www.machdiamonds.com/parisf.html. The Author supposed,
it was mock-up, shown on the Aerosalon in Le Bourget. It seems to be
designated as Paris III, but in fact it isn’t, at least not the well known one
and only prototype, registered as F-WLKL. Apart from the tip tanks (a difference,
which could be fitted or removed relatively fast, as I still think) this aircraft has
a car-type door directly behind the windscreen. The shape of the window in
this door is different to the Paris III as well, and there seem to be only two
windows in the fuselage side. The whole forward fuselage seems to have the
same length, as the standard MS.760B Paris II.
I would be very grateful, if someone could give me a clue.


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