Early french Biz Jets


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11 March 2006
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If today french bizz jets are mentioned, just one name comes to ones mind : Dassault
Falcon. But other french manufacturers were busy in this field, too. One of them was
Morane Saulnier, even preceding Dassault with his MS.760C Paris III, although this type
didn't found commercial success. A broadly similar, but enlarged version would have been
the MS.861, shown below.
In Chillon/Dubios/Weggs "French Post-War Transport Aircraft" two other Morane projects
are mentioned : The MS.785 Comté, a four engined type, described as a scaled down
Convair CV-880, and the MS.880 (not to be confused with the later single engined light
a/c), with fouur engines, too, two of them under the outer wings, the other two located
at the rear fuselage à la Caravelle.
Anybody, who has material to illustrate these two types, besides these descriptions ?


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In my database for what I kept of the magazine "Le Fana de l'Aviation":
#436 (very recent): transport projects with Marboré jets
Do you know this source, or do you want me to look for it and check?
That would be really great, especially as I didn't get any answers from EADS/SOCATA
so far ! Ok, I don't want to buy a TBM 700, not even a Tampico ...
And if you want anything from "From Sea to Air", no problem ! ;D
I know, when you are married, every Euro is worth just half as much as before , and
kids reduce this quotient even more ...
Nevermind, there's a lot of compensation, I think !
Dear Jemiba,
I have found the mentioned article: 3 pages devoted to the Nord 1150 (with 3-view and content drawings) and to the 6-engined MS.880 (with 3-view and content drawing). If you need translation help from French (into English, I cannot into German), just ask me.
I'd be glad to send you the 3 scans - but things are not clear in my mind: do I know your E-mail? Is Jemiba and my pen-friend Jens a single one, known in another forum (Airwarfare)?
Dear Christophe,

the scans of Taggs/Wheelers "From Sea To Air" are on the way, several twin-booms
and a submarine ( ??? ), but nevertheless, I'm afraid , it's a disappointment : There
is no mention of a project P.141. I'll have a closer look into the text, but I think, there's
a gap, sorry !

P.S.: Yes, we are just one person ....
I have scanned the first page of Le Fana article about 2 unknown French bizjet projects. I will scan and send the 2 other pages this evening. :)
Thanks for the precious Saunders Roe material ;D completing the pages I had.

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