The best Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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Sep 27, 2006
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The German HS30 Schutzenpanzer started the ball rolling for a vehicle that was more than a "battlefield taxi".
The Russians picked up the ball with the BMP..These vehicles continue to feature prominently in various wars around the world.
The US M2 Bradley can claim to be the best IFV in service though supporters of the Warrior.may want to argue.
Israel built its Merkava tank with a compartment for infantry as well as converting former tanks to heavily armed infantry carriers.
France lagged behind with its AMX10 perhaps because it prefered wheeled vehicles like the VAB that could speed along roads in Europe or be airlifted readily to Africa.


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May 17, 2011
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uk 75 - you may want to consider the South African Ratel IFV - many of it's innovative design points (1972) have since been adopted by a large number of today's IFV. It also proved itself very well during many years of combat, including during the odd occasion against MBT's..

I know Wiki is certainly not the best source of info - however it's the quickest summery I could think of for this reply... (There is of course a lot on it in this forum).

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