The accuracy and scale accuracy of T-50 drawings?


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4 February 2009
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Like many of us, I'm sure, I've been very impressed by the speed and apparent quality of some of the drawings rushed out by some of the Russian chaps on sites like Paralay.

With the aid of the fortunate underside shot and the side views from video, the artists have been able to have a good stab at the shape of the aircraft.

The 5 view at


looks good to me, generally. Does anyone have problems with it?

How about the apparent methodology at


And with no official figures released, how big is the aircraft?

I've seen guesstimates of 13-14.2 m, 15 m and 16.7 m for the span, 19.2 m, 20.8 m, 21 m and 22 m for the length, and 4.9 m, 5.2 m and 6.05 m for the height.

How about the attempts to compare against the Su-27? Broadly right?


The obvious point of comparison is the engines, assuming the nozzle is largely the same size, scaling from the side view picture. This should be fairly accurate to measure, but there is still a lot of leeway here.

The underside picture is clearly at a slight angle. The amount of compensation you put on determines the ratio between length and span.

My figures of 19.20m/14.20 m/4.9m are very similar in ratio to Paralay's latest figures, but we clearly disagree on the side view length comparison a bit.
The main area I think will change with more information is in the inlets. I doubt you can see the fan face from the forward view. I'm willing to bet it's either a serpentine duct, as we can see from the pictures that the top of the inlet drops down, but then we can't see anything. I'm willing to bet it goes back up, a "vertical" S-Serpentine duct, or it uses fan blockers.

Other than that, it's a very nice drawing. Once official dimensions are released, he can adjust it as such. However, I had thought of maybe trying to find out how wide the runway is and then scaling the wingspan from that and then scaling the rest of the aircraft, but I don't know if there is a photo good enough to get that info. I was thinking maybe the pic at the end of the taxi test when it releases the chutes, you can sort of see the entire width of the runway and have a good, slightly offset, rear view for scaling the span.

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