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8 October 2009
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Hi All!!

Spent some quality time with my CA-15 and got all the high lights, shading and shadows done. Heck I've even managed some profiles! But seeing as I screwed the pooch on the serials I'm only posting the one that is correct :p

3rd Sqn RAAF stationed in Italy '45:




ps. What the heck, yes the serial is wrong on the aft it should be A62-XXX...

Re: RAAF CA-15s

These are great pictures. I would imagine if the RAAF had a Griffon powered CA-15 in service in 1945 the squadrons in question would be relocated from Italy and Bougainville to closer to the main source of the air threat. In this case the Rhine and either Morotai or the Philippines.
Re: RAAF CA-15s

Now sadly out of print. I got one of the last the author was selling. Not a bad book but there were I felt several odd gaps in his counterfactual history.
Re: RAAF CA-15s

Very cool profiles, Damian!

I'm still planning to paint my CA-15 model alike the second profile you showed, except equipped with an R-2800 radial :)

Thanks for posting the cover art Justo :) My name's spelt with one "r" less though, but I'm used to seeing typos in my name, so no worries :D

More about John Baxter's books here:
If the TARAAF book is out of print, I may have a spare copy somewhere as John sent me a few complimentary copies at the time.

The cover art can be seen here:
Attached some more recent (2007/8) work-in-progress views of my 3D model. The over-the-clouds view was used as the boxtop art for a resin kit.


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Re: RAAF CA-15s

Nice drawings of a superb plane! It does exist a resin kit of this magnificent plane by LF Models or Kora.
Re: RAAF CA-15s

Here's the kit I mentioned, made by Dave Lochead of Kiwi Resin:
Hi All!!

Been a while sice I've posted any of my work :)

Well here she is, Team Strega's CA-15, she was born out of a question that had the CA-15 entred service would we have seen some private warbirds. And if we saw those would we see some racers...


I hope you like her!


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