Tallei Airship with Mixed Sustentation (US 1695394 A)



Hi folks,
Hybrid airship concept from 1926:
"a novel type of airship with mixed sustentation, that is an airship provided with supporting surfaces in such a manner as to obtain as a result a flying machine which while possessing all the advantages of the usual airplanes and airships assembled together eliminates as far as possible the inconveniences of both types ...
The central body consists of a gas bag of aluminium sheet or of any other light metal sheet; said envelope is carried by a supporting and stiffening frame and contains in its interior air heated by means of the exhaust gases of the engines, so as to produce a statical lifting power to which, during the light is added the dynamical lifting power due to the pressure which the external air develops against the lateral carrying surfaces, which act in the same manner as the wings of an usual airplane".
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