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May 26, 2006
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Hi, "Superhansa" Project SA-15 (S8), an interesting swedish development, from
Amazing find JuanT,

(In connection with the production of the last S 5A, B, C and D being transferred to CFV (CVV), the development work at Svenska Aero AB was in progress. The project, which was named SA 15, was presented to the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration in November 1931. The plane was to be equipped with a Nohab My VI engine of 600 hp which would give a top speed of 225 km / h.

Swedish Aero estimated the delivery time at 8-9 months after a possible order. After almost a year of deliberation, a contract was concluded on 18 October 1932 with Svenska Aero AB for the delivery of an SA 15 within one year. The purchase price amounted to SEK 112,500 excluding floats. In connection with Svenska Aero entering liquidation, the contract was handed over to ASJA on 19 December 1932. ASJA commissioned a wind tunnel test at CFM and at the same time work began on a full-scale staircase. Due to certain delays in the construction work, an extension of the contract period to 18 January 1934 was approved in May 1933.

The new plane would be named S 8. However, the wind tunnel tests showed poor results and around the middle of 1933 it was suggested that work on the plane should be stopped completely. Calculations made showed that S 8 would not lead to any major improvements compared to the already planned versions S 5B, C and D. The contract for S 8 was finally terminated on 15 December 1933.)

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