Supermarine Attacker Trainer

Triggered by the article about the Supermarine Attacker in the last issue of Aeroplane Monthly
and thankfully supported with additional pictures by lark, I’ve made a drawing of the proposed
trainer version. It was shown as a model at the Brussels International Aeronautical Exhibition
1950 and never progressed beyond that stage. Besides the tandem seat cockpit in the lengthened
nose, the intakes were moved some inches forward. Interesting feature is the large periscope, which
is said to have doubled as gunsight for the instructor. A detail, that to my opinion would have been
modified, if this type would have ever materialized is the fin, which in this model isn’t elongated
forward, as it was on the later fighter types.


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The periscope would have made little difference in handling for a UK-based trainer.
OTOH the periscope would have significantly reduced performance (e.g. more time exposed to AAA) when employed as the only ground-attack airplane in a Third-World Air Force.

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