Student light aircraft from Yugoslavia


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31 January 2008
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This photo is from a site and said to depict a single-seat aircraft called Student built in Yugoslavia in the 1950s or 1960s. Possibly it was produced by the Ikarus organization.
All information (background, details, first flight, history etc.) is appreciated very much.
Thks in avance
Best regards, Walter


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Re: Student from Yugoslavia

...Based on the title of this thread, I was expecting a 419 spam post :D
The correct name of this airplane is Belgrade Student BS-1 and plane was designed in 1953./54.
Only one was made in several workshops in Belgrade and the first flight was on 24.04.1958. in Flight Test Centre. The engine was italian CNA D4 (62HP). After several problems with the engine, the airplane never entered serial production.
Dear Radeks,
Thank you very much for the information and I am very happy to finally receive confirmation that the aircraft was really built and flown.
PS: also my thanks for the info the Ikarus 252.
Best regards, Walter
What type of engine was installed in the BS-1 prototype.
That single photo depicts a generic Continental, Franklin or Lycoming flat-four engine.

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