Stiletto variant

there more Stiletto variants

the Model 1186 series
a X-3 Stiletto on top of a flying Bomb !

also in Scott Lowther U.S. Bomber Projects Preview (you must buy this ! very rare Information ! )

Its show Model 1186A (GEBO proposal in 1946)

[quote author=Orionblamblam]
The manned component had a crew of two,

the 1186A, was carried on top of the weapons component vertical fin.
a Stiletto on top of a very big Stiletto with 4 engine

The 1186B located the manned vehicle on a centrally-located pylon;

the 1186C stacked two of the weapons components engines on top of the fuselage,
forming a large fin for the manned component to attach to.

the 1186D blended the two components together into an aerodynamically unified vehicle.[/quote]

in internet are rumors about a X-3 version with rocket engines, are they true ?

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