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This would definitely be a speculative project.... B)

In the early eighties Aereon Corp was awarded to two Department of-Defense SMALL BUSINESS INNOVATION RESEARCH PROGRAM contracts for an "airborne surveillance platform". They filed two patents as a result of this research. The patents are for incorporating three large phased array antennas within the triangular hull of an LTA craft.

Looking at their web site you would think they hardly exist at all. But they are active enough to have a lead test flight engineer and are looking for more engineers:

So, is this the "giant black triangle" people have witnessed for years?
Anther fake design;


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I know it was a fake or a fantasy one,I saw it in anther site as this,is that right ?.
hesham said:
Anther fake design;

Aereon is a real company that proposed building such airships. So it is concept art for a preliminary design study. They actually built one or two tech demonstrators as I recall.
Aereon thread on some forum or other :p

I know all this from long time ago,and I know this company and its real designs,
but this one I read about it before,it was a hypothetical concept,not a real one
(sorry for used the word fake).
Orionblamblam said:
It was more "real" than many other concepts. Some fair amount of effort went into this design, which was proposed to the US Navy among others.

OK,now the site which said it was a hypothetical is wrong,and thank you my dear
Scott for illuminate me,and we can transfer it into this topic;,27074.msg278864.html#msg278864

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