Spinwheel space station projecs

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From Encyclopaedia Astronautica we have:

US Stations http://www.astronautix.com/craftfam/usstions.htm

Check out the Von Braun Station, LORL, USAF Recommended Station, Lockheed 1963 Space Station, Self-deploying Space Station and Space Base on this page.

The Soviet TKS Heavy Space Station also rotates to provide gravity. http://www.astronautix.com/craft/tksation.htm

From Marcus Lindroos' wonderful site we get this page http://www.abo.fi/~mlindroo/Station/Slides/sld001.htm Whilst dealing with Space in the 80's it has a summary of the rotational 'Space Base' projects of NASA in the late 60's.

No thread on space stations is complete without this one:

starviking said:
The Soviet TKS Heavy Space Station also rotates to provide gravity.

As shown in the documentary "Armageddon."


My experience in "spinwheel" projects is limited to a singular college course, but from what I learned from it, such a space station isn't very practical. That said, it was a very "trendy" thing during the Space Age and Cold War, and a number of serious military/civilian projects have been proposed, too many for me to list.

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