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16 September 2007
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Does anybody have photos or drawings of the Soviet "Kuryer" (Courier) ICBM? I've seen many short descriptions of the missile - the USSR's counterpart to the US Small ICBM (SICBM) or "Midgetman." I've even seen photos that were claimed to be the TEL chassis (a 4-axle TEL similar to that used for the CSSC-X-4 GLCM). Never seen the missile itself though. Any help out there?
here on good Old page of Globalsecurity (f.k.a.

Still classified. CPV drawing are truly speculative (with all my respect to him).
Agreed. Mr. Vick was making a HUGE guess here and it is incorrect. Soviet sources claim Kuryer was to be very small--as I said, to be carried on a 4-axle TEL. The missile in the drawing is larger than the (enormous) SS-24 rail-mobile ICBM (similar to US Peacekeeper). Guess this "secret project" is still a secret!
Courier (RSS-40 /SS-X-26) was a direct answer to MGM-134A Midgetman plans, and became the smallest ICBM not only in USSR arsenal, but in the world. It could be transported inside any railroad vagon, even Sovavtotrans trucks (Sovavtotrans was an international truck transport monopoly in USSR, often used for GRU intel missions in Europe), barges and many transport aircrafts.
Is there any chance that this project might be (or even has been) reactivated?
bobbymike said:
Michel Van said:

I had an old Jane's Defense Weekly (1987 I think) that, while not having the Kuryer name, designated the SS-18 replacement the SS-X-26 calling it a large solid fueled ICBM with 'nested' stages and a 10,000kg throw weight (SS-18, 8,800kg)

If the above was or is some former Soviet ICBM project can we estimate from the picture above, as we know the size of the SS-24, what the size and mass of the above missile would be? Thanks!

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