Some little-known "...COBRAS" of Bell Aircraft Corporation.


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5 May 2007
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Jet Aircobra
If has flown this variant jet P-39, we can be and have not learnted of P-59. ;)
L-39 (Swept wing Kingcobra)
Experimental "Kingkobra's" marked by L-39-1 and L-39-2 became to be first in USA piston plane with sweptback wing.
That first flight L-39 took place the April 23 1946, I think appropriate was place in section of the early aviation.


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I've seen that jet Aircobra in Bell advertising of the period. I think that is all there is to it.

Kim Margosein
I believe the 3420 proposal came from Allison but maybe someone recognizes the artist name.

The V-1710 turbocompound installation is what was proposed to be fitted to a late model of the king cobra.


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Joe Baughers site describes the P-63E-5 as "It would have had a revised instrument panel, and a bubble canopy similar to that of the P-63D-1. The cowling would have been redesigned, larger wing fillets would have been installed, a new vertical fin would have been fitted, and a revised ventral fin. However, the project was cancelled before anything could be built. "

The tail is like the one on the 63F, but does anyone have any idea what the fillets and instrument panel would have looked like?
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