Some Future Titles of Interest for SPF Members

For those interested in the technical details.

Deutsche Panzertechnik. Motoren und Getriebe 1925-1945​

Not sure how good this will be - I wasn't overly impressed with their recent Draken one but maybe I am just getting picky...


SAAB 37 Viggen

Authors: Mikael Forslund

Illustrator: Andrzej M. Olejniczak

ISBN 9788366549722

Release date: 2022-09-14

Format: A4, pb, 208 pages (208 in colour)
Not sure how good this will be - I wasn't overly impressed with their recent Draken one but maybe I am just getting picky...


Authors: Mikael Forslund

Same author, so one can expect that .................
Moreover those books are aimed at modellers, so if one is not a modeller then ..............

Tomcats and Eagles: The Development of the F-14 and F-15 in the Cold War​

During the first half of the 1970s, two new fighter aircraft entered operational service in the United States: The Navy's Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the Air Force's McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. These two aircraft were part of the backbone of the tactical air power of the United States; their introduction was accompanied by comprehensive reforms in pilot training as well as new technologies and weapon systems. In addition to the tactical significance of the two aircraft as innovative fighting platforms, however, their development and deployment should be viewed within a broad geopolitical and geostrategic context.  
Tovy explains how the F-14 Tomcat and the F-15 Eagle were an integral part of the aerial component of the conventional arms race within the Cold War. He argues that the trend of Soviet advanced weapon systems development created a perception of threat to the United States, challenging its conventional military power. Tomcats and Eagles explores how the Vietnam War accelerated the need for advanced fighter-interceptors, and that the lessons learned from aerial combat in Vietnam had a significant impact on the design and operational characteristics of the F-15. The author reveals that after F-14s were sold to Iran and F-15s to Israel in the second half of the 1970s, these jets were integrated into their armed forces, leading to Israel's use of the F-15 during the First Lebanese War. Finally, the author provides an in-depth look at the operation of the F-14 and F-15 in U.S. actions in Southeast Asia, beginning with the Tanker Wars in the mid-1980s, through Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom, and ending with Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Current publishing date 11/15/22


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A new book, quite good from my initial reading, on the Sentinel tank.
Available here:

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Helps to show what the book is rather than just post a link to Amazon:

Definitely buying this one as I have the others in the series. I had a former co-worker who worked there from 1954 to the late 60's/early 70's. he has some stories....

I suggest for myself to make this book in collaboration with dear J. C. Carbonel ;

Sud Aviation and Their Predecessors; SNCASE & SNCASO
Certainly, if you have 15 years of your life to whizz away submitting FOIAs and MDRs first. :eek:
(Subject to confirmation)
Part 1. Main Battle Tank Development
FV215 Conqueror
Countering the Soviet Tank Threat
FV4201 Chieftain
Chieftain Variants
Novel Concept Studies
German Future Main Battle Tank
MBT80 and the 4030 Programme
Challenger 1
Challenger 1 Variants
Challenger 2
Future Concept Studies

Part 2. Medium and Light Tracked AFV Development
Light Tanks and Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked 93
Carriers and Armoured Personal Carriers
AFV of the 80s Stage 1
Other Light and Medium Tracks Concept Studies

Part 3. Wheeled AFV Concepts and Development
Saladin and Saracen
Ferret and Fox

Part 4. Other Vehicles Associated with Chertsey
1 Ton Armoured 4x4 Humber
FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor
SP70: 155mm Self Propelled

Got mine, looks good!


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Two books from Helion worth a look.

Battlegroup! The Lessons of the Unfought Battles of the Cold War by Jim Storr

Never Ready Britain’s Armed Forces and NATO’s Flexible Response Strategy 1967 - 1989 by Kenton White

Just picked up a copy at my local bookstore, this book does a good job explaining the history and evolution of Russia's armed forces over the last 30 years. The last chapter covers the beginning of the war in Ukraine and where the author thinks Russia is heading. Definitely a must read for anyone following the current conflict.


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