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17 March 2007
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All the archives are in Le Fana ;D

I saw the most strange French "secret" project : the Nord 6000
A French C-5 Galaxy .... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

And Nord strategic bombers/missiles projects;

Well, for 2009 in le Fana ;)

1) Sncaso DEVER
2) Snecma Coléoptère
All the archives are in Le Fana

I saw the most strange French "secret" project : the Nord 6000
A French C-5 Galaxy ....

Please could you post the issue number to allow ordering it?

Merci :)
Its first time i see that :eek:

Twin hull design look like end of 1960's
are this 4 Jet-engine in one engine pod ?!
I would imagine that the twin fuselage arrangement would have made loading arkward and would not have allowed for the carriage of outsized loads in the same way as the C5 ???.

Wouldn't the engine arrangement cause asymetrical airflow into the engine and lead to engine stall - what were the basic engines and power rating.

I would also be intesting in the stats and date of the proposals?

Was in a serious proposal to a spec or just an unsolicited "punt"?
Hay great find Alain!!

Do you have anything else on this design?
Do we have a time frame of this project?
Is there more drawings, specifications etc.......
Would have been a very expensive project, which I doubt the French would have went alone on.
Maybe (I would be confident!!) a planed collaboration project, with other European countries?
Again a very expensive and ambitious project - especially due to the fact that if the USAF could only afford 89 x Lockheed C-5 Galaxy's, I could not see the French having more than 20-Nord 6000's in their Order of Battle?

More info please !!!
The fuselage seems to be as those of the Nord 600 projects ??
Nord 6000 : in the last Le Fana de l'aviation ;) :) :) (N°489 - agust 2010)
Another French "secret projects" ! ;)

We have a rendez-vous in october for another secrets projects ! ;) :eek:
Nord 600 and Nord 6000

Source: Le Fana de L'Aviation August 2010 (# 489). page 42-44

Well, find those drawings again and call it in our times, the 'Airbus A600M'. ;) :D


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Looking at the Nord 600 and wondering how 2 engines could power something that big, then I realise there's FOUR engines in each pod. I would hate to see the effects of a fire in one of those pods or worse - a heat seeker missile.
I actually did these drawings for Le Fana de l'Aviation. It was lot of fun to do this work. From the original blueprints, I realized that this aircraft was gigantic. Based on the desires of the author (Alexis Rocher), I tried to draw an operational version of the Nord 6000. No official squadron had been assigned to this plane, so all the markings are fictitious, although inspired by Transall colors.
I still have my drawings if somebody is interested by a high resolution pict.
What kind of advantages would there be to grouping the engines like that? Less yawing moment if one engine fails? Seems like it would result in reduced efficiency due to interference effects.
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