SM.82 Canguro fighter transport


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4 May 2008
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I searched the forum for references to a fighter-carrying version of the SM.82 transports, but found none.
I remember seeing some illustrations in an Italian magazine of two Macchi MC.200's disassembled and stowed in the fuselage (although cursory research shows that CR.42's were carried operationally).

It was a pretty neat solution, IIRC the fighters were loaded through the bomb bay! Fitting two aircraft was like a Tetris puzzle.

does anyone have any illustrations about that (Maybe Skybolt ;D)?
Thanks in advance!
I recomend the Ali d'italia's SAIA SM82 (see This is a complete guide to the SM82 - an excellent reference.

Ali d'italia is (in my humble opinion) now the best books available on Italian WW aircraft. Though they concentrate on production aircraft these books often mention the unbuilt projects related to the aircraft the book is dedicated to.
The SM.82 fighter-carrying transport you're talking about is the SM.82 Trasporto caccia. It could carry not only the C.R.42, but also the C.R.32. Anyone have photos of the SM.82 Trasporto caccia?

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