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3 January 2006
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If anyone is interested, Google Earth recently updated many layers with high-resolution imagery. Many people have been having fun looking up bases and IDing various aircraft aircraft and ships, in their various states.
Wow! Someone finally caugt it! Boeing plasma cushion antigravity testbed at work! :D ;)
I new all along that heavier than air flight was impossible! Now we have proof! The wings are just their to divert us from the truth...
that Yokosuka harbor in Japan
the pier for U.S.Aircraft supercarrier like USS Kitty Hawk and now USS George Washington.

it look like the Kitty Hawk forgot something ;D


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Hello all,

Fairly new to this great forum, thought i'd start a new topic linking to interesting aviation "bits" on Google earth:

For example

52 20 10.87N 0 11 43.34W (Dec 31 2003 dated) An RAF Battle of Britain Lancaster Bomber in flight.

any one else found anything interesting? :)

or of course in future i could check to see if anything like this already exist's ooops

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