Sea Urchin?


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28 April 2009
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Has anyone heard of a project named 'Sea Urchin'? Might be mine, munition, surveillance or related.
And I'm definitely not talking about 'Seewalze'. Thanks in advance.
There is/was a British (?) mine by the name of "Sea Urchin".


Yes, Sea Urchin was developed by British Aerospace in the early 1980s. It was 21-inches in diameter and was meant for use from submarines, surface ships, and aircraft. It came in a variety of warhead weights (250 kg, 500kg, and 750 kg) with a common sensing, fuzing, and arming system that used a combination of acoustic, magnetic, and pressure sensors.

So far as I can tell, Sea Urchin was never purchased. IIRC, the contemporary Stonefish from Marconi was procured as an exercise mine by the UK and as a warshot mine by Australia, with Chile apparently attempting to reverse-engineer it and failing. (BAe subsequently merged with Marconi, so Stonefish is now a BAE product.)

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