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13 August 2007
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Orionblamblam said:
...a few years back I worked at United Tech , the manufacturer of the Titan III solid rocket boosters. While there, I did conceptual and preliminary design on a number of things, such as an abort motor for capsules and Orbital Space plane (US patent #6629673) and a reusable launch vehicle (US patent #6726154... which I was left off of and not even notified about... yes, that thrilled me to no end). While at the time I could provide you with detaield diagrams of both, only the abort motor was what you might can a "real" project, in that it was designed to a high level of fideleity and was seriously intended to be built. The RLV was much more hand-wavy. And while working there, i drew up a number of other motors and vehicles, some of which were very impressive looking... adn which were not really describable as "projects," more like "quick sketches." ...

Reusable space access launch vehicle system

Adaptable solid-hybrid rocket for crew escape and orbital injection propulsion,M1

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