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1 May 2007
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This has been touched on elsewhere. I'm looking to scan some [most?] of my magazines in order to free up storage space, but so far i've been unhappy with the quality/legibility of the test scans i've produced.

Can I ask the members here, what techniques, tips and tricks they use to produce their scans. I should mention that i'm looking to get away with the minimum of post-processing, due to the volume of material.

I have a scanner with an automatic document feeder, and I'm planning to debind the magazines before scanning them through this. The debinding process is of couse, effectively irreversible, so I'm not prepared to proceed until i have perfected the methods.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Well, the key problem in scanning magazines IMHO is actually descreening.

I would suggest you investigate Silverfast TWAIN (a demo can be downloaded) as this scanning software has some excellent descreening options that use Fourier transforms. Usually gives muich better results than your scanner's own software. Then, you probably want to scan directly to PDF. If you use Acrobat Professional the computer can also OCR the scan to make the PDF text searchable.

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