Saturn V with M-1 in second stage (instead of five J-2) ?


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6 June 2006
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Title says all (again!)

I've seen various Saturn V "MLV" projects at Astronautix, but none with a single M-1 in the S-II.
Was it studied, and if so how was payload in LEO and to translunar trajectory ?

(hmm only mention I've seen of this project is wikipedia, so maybe it's just bollocks...)
the M-1 engine was real

but why was not used ?

the Original Plan was to have a Rocket engine with trust of F-1, only with LH2/Lox as Fuel
Later came handy in SLS Booster and LUNEX Proposal
then as Upper stage Engines of NOVA Booster

final plan was replace 5 x J-2 by 1x M-1 on S-II stage in 1965
payload in LEO and to translunar trajectory are the same for normal Saturn V

but in 1966 all NOVA plans were stop.
in 1967 was maiden launch of Saturn V and the Problems with "Big" LH2/Lox engine J-2
on Flight SA-502 (Apollo 6) and SA-508 (Apollo 13) show problems with J-2 engine
they just shut down there self.

that i think that also could happent with M-1 engine also
only that the Saturn V rest would fall from Sky, why the 5 x J-2 engine S-II made into Orbit.

and in NASA they also same thinking..
Actually there were projects for an uprated-uprated-Saturn V with 5 (five) M-1 in second stage and one M-1 in third.
Sounds VERY interesting - what a payload it would have had!
But I don't think this Saturn would fit under the VAB 140m-tall roof...

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