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15 April 2006
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Hi folks,

A couple of Saab Projects I just stumbled across - couldn't find any other references here, so:

Saab 114 - Turbo prop trainer:


Saab Supersonic Executive jet (SSE):


Both were in a book detailing the history of Saab-Scania. No other data I'm afraid, though the SSE obviously has Viggen heritage and there was a mention that an American company (which?) did make enquiries for a modified version of the Viggen capable of flying 6 - 8 passengers at Mach 2. Unfortunately, the proposal proved too expensive and was not progressed with. Perhaps this is that proposal?




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The SSE looks like it could be right out of Gerry Anderson, especially the somewhat odd shape of the nose and canopy. I'd love to see more data on the 114 as the exhausts certainly seem to suggest a TPE331/T76 engine, though the nose configuration doesn't seem to have the necessarily large inlet.
Thanks Greg.

Flight makes the obvious comparison between the composite Saab-Scania 114 and the Australian AAC A-10 Wamira side-by-side turboprop trainer. The article mentions "a PT6-class turboprop" for the 114. Greg's mockup photo looks more like a TPE331 (perhaps suggesting Volvo Flygmotor participation?).
The -114 would have made an interesting (if small) entry in today's COIN competition.

here is the SAAB-220 side-by-side two seat jet trainer project,has anyone a more
info about it ?;


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It was drawn up in the early 50's as a civil airplane but when the Swedish AF wanted to replace their old Vampire trainers Saab decided to rework it into a military plane. When the military wanted it to be capable of being a light attack aircraft they had to redesign the wings to be able of carrying bombs, rockets, missiles etc which lead to the delta wing being removed and replaced with regular wings and a regular tail. Now the plane's name had changed to Saab 105. In 1963 the first plane was completed and made its maiden flight. The first prototypes used Turbomeca Aubisque engines under the name RM9. I dont know if the civil aircraft would have used these but since they where developed as civil engines thats very plausible. Anyway the rest of the story is just the development of the saab 105/sk 60.
1996 70 seat project


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