S-3 Viking internal weapon bay


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16 December 2007
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Anybody has close up picture of S-3 viking internal weapon bay ? Testing ? Design Information ?
or this document ? it's dtic doc (downloadable in theory), but I cannot locate it..

Weapon Bay Cavity Noise Environments, Data Correlation and Prediction for the B-1 Aircraft

Thanks ~~

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will try to help in the evening
This is what I found while surfing..Pretty good plans are there..
Problem is that those pics are of a scale model. No telling if it's accurate to the real aircraft.
In the 10 years since the original post was made, Doollyii could have finished his model, got married, died, become a monk, or whatever. Probably not been waiting with baited breath for 10 years for a pic of the weapons bay.

Also, its a pic of a model. Not necessarily in any way accurate.
I've searched for weapon bay pictures long time as well. Only ones I did find so far from the real thing are from primeportal:

Only other pic is from same plane, but I do not have a source. And it is .png so I can not upload it. It is similar to pics in the link above anyway.
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