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11 March 2006
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Found in Flieger-Kalender 2003, an article about the Osoaviachim air race, planned for
august 1941. Some russian projects are shown as 3-views:
The Akula, designed by Damil Romeijko-Gurko,
the UK Babotschka, designed by Viktor Beljajews (design speed 510km/h)
and the tailess BITSCH 21/SG-1 designed by Boris Tscheranowski, the smallest
of the soviet designs for this race with a take-off weight of just 526kg.


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I remember a book on Soviet aircraft mentioning the race. They said it was cancelled due to unforseen events.
Kim Margosein said:
They said it was cancelled due to unforseen events.

"Unforseen events" ? Like the Nazis invading, possibly ? ::)

That aside, I've always liked the BITsch designs. In profile, this one looks a bit like the Gee Bee series of racers, although these latter were of conventional tailed design. However nice, the BITsch-21 does look like pitch stability might be so-so, a problem that also plagued the Gee Bee series, IIRC.

Oh, and "Akula" is an apt name for the DRG design. It's got nothing to be embarrassed about in the dorsal fin department :)

Regards & all,

Thomas L. Nielsen
Due to the beginning of the war against the SU, Romejko-Gurko became vice
chief designer of the Suchoj OKB and Bisnowat, Beljajew and Tscheranowskij
were fully occupied by military projects, too.
Below are two other designs shown in the above mentioned book, the Moskaljow
SAM 13 and the Bisnowat racer, which was kind of a copy of the Caudron C.461 .


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In Summer of 1936 a group of Soviet aviation engineers traveled to France
in order to get familiarized high-speed planes "Caudron", to purchase
the best of them, buying also license of Renault engines to be manufactured in the USSR.
It was suggested to design advanced trainer-fighter and light racer plane based upon 2-3 types of planes.
Then in 1937 OSOAVIAHIM annouced an open competitive tenders for either designing/manufacturing of
light sport-racer planes.

Jens, please advise if any drawings/pict. of Sutugin's plane was ever published in that issue?

bibliography : I.Sultanov "Forgotten contest"
"Wings of the Native land" #10-11/93


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