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14 June 2006
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Found on Ebay this:
Russian Aircraft Designer Tupolev:. Unknown Projects.
M., Eksmo, Juausa Publ., 2008 - 352 p., ill., hardcover ISBN 978-5-699-29777-1

Has anyone had a look on it and would offer a comment ?

Thanks !!!

Check this

It seems to be a Tupolev biography written by V. S. Yeger (one of Tupolev's closest employees/engineers). The title is not 'Unknown Projects', but 'The unknown (person) Tupolev' ['Неизвестный Туполев'].

More comments by Flateric? Borovik?
Haven't seen it yet, but judging from another book of this series of Myasischev by Nikolay Yakubovich, I can say that it's cheap poor-quality paper popular edition for those who just never heard much of aerospace designers. Poor quality tiny illustrations - about two dosen for a book, nothing new comparing to Udalov's encyclopedia. Very good for popularisation, not quite enough for serious researcher. Author's name - Sergey Yeger - says that it would be a good book in terms of memories. Not sure of numerous unknown projects appearing on the pages. Tupolev historian, Vladimir Rigmant, is a man in charge for unveiling these.

I'll try to obtain a copy and deliver you my opinion, then it's up to you to judge if you want it. It's cheap, about 6 bucks, but add about 10 more for shipping.


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boxkite said:

Check this The title is not 'Unknown Projects', but 'The unknown (person) Tupolev' ['Неизвестный Туполев'].

The bottom line says 'The projects, that a few knew about' - advertising trick I suppose
Flateric right (basically...)
Book represent of interest (regrettably only for russian-language readers)...S.Eger was Tupolev's closest team-mate, and then worked as his deputy for many
years, that's why this book is to be reckoned of some substantive account.
This is my opinion.


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