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14 January 2007
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The Hungarian Ernö Rubik has projected and build 33 several designs. I know all of them, without the R.19 and the R.28. Anybody of you have informations about this aircrafts?

Thanks Maveric
R-19 "Pinty II." was an inproved R-14 "Pinty", never built.

R-28 "Fém Kánya" was an inproved R-18 "Kánya", never built too.

(Ernő Rubik's son JR. Ernő Rubik was the inventor of Rubik's Cube.)
From Flugzeug 1/1985,

here is a Model and drawing to Rubik R-21 project.


  • R-21  Model.png
    R-21 Model.png
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Either one of the two images is mislabeled, or there were two distinct configurations studied for the R-21.

Indeed, as you can see, the tail booms extend from the rear fuselage on the model, but from the wings on the profile drawing! (not to mention the fact that the tail fins have a different shape, and so does the fuselage).

See post below.
My dear Skyblazer,

that's because the drawing is from a site not from the magazine;
hesham, actually you are repeating here a mistake you already made in the Rubik designations thread and for which a clear answer had been given!

The line drawing is for the Moskalyev SAM-23, NOT the Rubik R-21!!,10541.msg125450.html#msg125450
The fault obviously was made by the one, who created that site. The drawings of the R-21 and the
SAM-23 are side by side, he accidenatlly had chosen the wrong one.
Here's the correct drawing from the March/April issue of AirEnthusiast:


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The R-21.


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