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3 August 2009
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Diomedia is a commercial stock photo site contains large set (about 9400) of photos, belonging to UK RAeS.

This is the first of 94 pages

Among them many British types, as well as American, German etc.
Serial-built aircraft as well as prototypes have been presented.

Most of this pictures could be seen in full resolution, although with large watermarks.

As an example - Armstrong Whitworth AW171 Narrow-delta wing (see Diomedia 3 file).
"Zoom" button toggles picture to enlargement mode - you could zoom it in and out and pan around.


The site also have lot of aviation-related pictures, all marked with tags. However, searching is mostly matter of luck: I try to find more De Havilland types, and found more then 4500 images - including a celebrities, movie posters and ... many DH-aircraft.

Enjoy! ;D


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