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Aircraft brochures; Folland, Cunliffe-Owen etc


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Oct 19, 2012
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Chiswick Auctions have a job lot of 1930-50s technical books and a few aircraft brochures that may be of interest. The best items are:

Folland Brochure for the Fo127 'Fiona' three-engine 6-8 seat airliner
Folland Brochure for the Fo130 variant of 'Fiona'
Cunliffe-Owen brochure for the 'Concordia' twin-engine 10-12 seater airliner
Bristol brochure for the Type 200 four-engine Medium range airliner
Armstrong-Whitworth AW27 Pilot's Notes
AAEE assessment of the Scottish Aviation Prestwick Pioneer

About 63 items in total, mostly the books

Opening bid is set at £180 (I believe) with an estimate of £300-£400 onto which you have to add a 25% buyers premium and VAT

I would happily bid on individual items but to me the estimate price looks too high for the lot, especially as many of the books are nothing special and could probably be found on an aviation book site for a few pounds each.

Anyone interested?
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