Rohrbach and related Avia/Letov projects


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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

the german Adolf Rohrbach projected his new passenger aircraft in 1930/31.
The first design of the Typ 1087a with 3*Wright J.6 ( 240PS ).

Servus Maveric


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Re: Rohrbach projects

...the second design of the Typ 1087a with 3*Argus As.10 ( 220PS ), also in 1930/31.

Source: Luftfahrt international


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Re: Rohrbach projects

...some technical data for the Typ 1087a with Wright
span 18,20m; L 12,00; aera 37,5m²; weight 1910kg; MTO 3100kg; Vcruise 230-240Km/h; range 730km

Luftfahrt international says: the Typ 1087a is the forrunner of the Letov S.32 build in 1932 and for the unbuild Avia Av.50.

Anybody of you have drawings and technical data for the Avia Av.50?

An other Rohrbach 8seat passenger aircraft (Type 1100) was projected in this time, any drawings and technical data?

Servus Maveric
Re: Rohrbach projects

Hi everyone,

Adolf Rohrbach had other interesting projects, e.g. the Roska, a four engined bomber from the late 1920`s. I do not know if it had follow-ups. A wind tunnel model exists, showing what could be BMW VI engines. It was included in the "Gronabo" ( Gross Nacht Bomber ) program. Also Manfred Griehl refers in "Luftwaffe Over America" that Rohrbach was approached to sport projects against Dornier and Junkers in the future "Ural Bomber" competition.
Re: Rohrbach projects


the Rohrbach had a designation system from Ro.1 to Ro.12
and it also designed a Cyclogyro paddle wing aircraft,for Roska
please see;,1197.0.html
Re: Rohrbach projects


I don`t think the Ro XII Roska stemmed from the Ro VIII. It is utterly diferent ( wings, fuselage, tail ), and it was a Gro Na Bo, meaning big night bomber, and not Ro Na Bo. Also, Rohrbach designed the "Roterra", a three engined bomber from 1930, wingspan 30m, lenght 20m, wing area 110m2, speed 250kms, fielding Bristol 450Hp Aquilas. Range would be 1000kms. Rohrbach failed to atract the Reichswehr and sold the licence to Avia, where it was developed into the Avia 46. This data comes from the german edition of "Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe-Strategic Bombers". You may also find some patents presented by Adolf Rohrbach on GooglePatents.
Re: Rohrbach projects

I read somewhere that the Rohrbach Ro XII Roska or Ro Na Bo (Rohrbach Nacht Bomber ) was a land version of the Ro X Romar
It had the same wing and similar tail surfaces & fuselage
Re: Rohrbach projects

Looking after a picture of the Avia 50 ,I find only the Avia 51 ,having some ressemblance with type 1087 .
Who could show us pictures of the Avia 46 ; Avia 50 ;Letov S 32 ,all more or less related to Rohrbach ?

Avia 51 from Aviation Magazine of the 50" :


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Re: Rohrbach projects

richard said:
Who could show us pictures of the Avia 46 ; Avia 50 ;Letov S 32 ,all more or less related to Rohrbach ?
1)-2) Avia B 46
3) Avia 50
4) Letov S 32
from: Vaclav Nemecek "Ceskoslovenska letadla 1918-1945"


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Re: Rohrbach projects

Hello again !
Is there a picture of the two motors only Avia 46 ,the Avia 546 ?
Re: Rohrbach projects

borovik, thank you for pictures of B-46. It's strange that the fin shape in the photo and in the Nemecek's drawing is quite different (square on the photo and trapezoid on the drawing). Is there a mistake on the drawing or there were more than one B-46 prototypes with differend fin shapes?
Re: Rohrbach projects

richard said:
Hello again !
Is there a picture of the two motors only Avia 46 ,the Avia 546 ?

My dear Richard,

what was this aircraft ?, (Avia 546),I never heard about the designation.

My source is " Der Flieger " 1971/2 which told the Rohrbach's story (28 pp) .

The Ro XII Roka was the designation for the military version of the civil Ro VIII Roland

Avia bought the three engined Roterra design , but Ing. Novotny was not completely pleased with it , and modified it a little ; This gave the Avia B 46 .

The three radial Avia engined were not available , and Novotny modified again the design for two Avia HS-12Yb . (Avia B-546) .

It seems that all was stopped before the B-546 was finished


Excellent my dear Richard,thank you,

and we can ask if Avia company used the series B.146,B.246,B.346 and B.446
or not ?.
My dear Richard,

do you know the Rohrbach Project A ?.
From l'Aeronautique journal of 1931,

here is a patent for Rohrbach,and is there any drawing survivor to Ro.I twin engined
flying boat project ?.


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The Projekt A was the well known Rohrbach Schaufelradflugzeug .

Here a bad photo of the Ro.1 model (but I don't have anything more …)


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From l'Aeronautique 1933,

here is two completely unknown projects,the Rohrbach Ropost and Roland III (we know only
Roland I & II) also a Model for Roterra.


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Also from the same source,

the Model-1087a and Model-1100,we don't have any drawings or Maquette to Rohrbach 1100.


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Excellent source, my dear Hesham. Keep on digging such interesting pieces of aviation history!
British Pathe footage of the Rohrbach Ro X Romar (Rohrbach Romar).

Here is a newsreel featuring the prototype Romar I (D-1693 ; c/n 29) destined for Lufthansa as "Hamburg," being prepped on land and rolled into the water on its beaching gear (note the "Werk number" on the starboard float - "ROMAR 29"):
YouTube- British Pathé: "Plane That Carries 18 Tons (1928)"
The second newsreel is a sound newsreel is of the Romar II being constructed for France (F-AKEM ; c/n 62) as part of Great War reparations:
YouTube- British Pathé: "Under The Reparations Act Aka Under Preparations Act (1931)"

also the Rohrbach Model-1090 was a three engined transport Project,I think there
was more and more unknown designs undiscovered for him.

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