Republic XF-12 Rainbow

LowObservable said:
50-60000 feet?

Makes you wonder what the **** kind of air defense threat they were thinking about.

They were ambitious in those days. The original spec for what became the B-36 called for a 45,000 ft ceiling, 450 mph over the target, and a 12,000 mi range — in early 1941.
Great color stuff from the NASM Rudy Arnold photo collection
Pan Am Clipper ad


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RAP said:
Pan Am Clipper ad

Apparently PAA failed to keep Jimmy Steward out of the cockpit. Ah, what might have been.

Good Day All -

A rather simplistic Republic drawing for the interior arrangement of the XF-12.

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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Mike Machat said:
Celebrating Aviation with Mike Machat
REPUBLIC XR-12 RAINBOW - World's Fastest Four-Engine Piston-Powered Aircraft
The right airplane at the wrong time - the story of Republic's attempt to build a record-breaking photo-recon aircraft and commercial airliner in 1946.
Again, a great video done by Mike Machat. :cool:


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