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27 December 2005
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Hi All.
I have today picked up a copy of Issue 5 (Aout/Septembre 2005) of Aviation Francais Magazine (AFM) which, amongst others, contains articles on the Bloch 151/152 and one page by Philippe Ricco on the SNCAC NC-110 bomber project of 1936.

Two questions please.
1. Why did the magazine close down?
2. Did any of the other issues cover unbuilt French fighter or bomber projects? I did look quickly at issues 8, 11, 12 and 13 (all at Midland Counties at Hinckley) and they appear not to have had any.

Many thanks. Tony Buttler
Some information here, might provide some contact possibilities.

'Aviation Francaise Magazine'
[Avia Editions SARL, ISSN ? ]

Glossy magazine entirely devoted to French aviation history. Contents includes articles on both well-known and lesser-known aircraft types, aviation pioneers, military operations, famous pilots, aviation units etc. Illusttrated with photographs and colour artwork. No.1 was dated Decembre 2004-Janvier 2005.
Further information: AFM, Avia Editions SARL, 21 Place de la Poste, 07400 Rochemaure, France. Tél: + 33 475 495 199, Fax: +33 475 495 198.

Regards Bailey.
When the magazine ceased publication , the publishers informed their
subscribers that they soon should come back with a new magazine
who was to provide a more international contents instead of pure French
aviation subjects.
Until now , nothing has coming up...

There are French bomber (and a few fighter) projects in the following issues
Nr.3-5-6-11 and 14.

Most of the magazine issues are available in the U.K.
at the Aviationbookcentre. They give an excellent service.

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