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31 October 2008
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What is the most powerful fighter jet engine in terms of thrust? I've been looking around and all I get is that GE engine for passenger planes.
If you're talking purely of fighters, it would have to be either the P&W F-135 or GE/RR FET F-136 - both developed for the F-35.


Saturn AL-41 is around 40,000lbf as well (maybe). BS.100 was also around that level.
The Saturn AL-41F's thrust is 181,2 kN with afterburner, the Soloviev/Aviadvigatel D-30F-6M in the Sukhoi S-37/47 fighter was rated at 196kN (according to Tony Buttler and Yefim Gordon in "Soviet Secret Projects:Fighters since 1945" pp.160), the Katchaturov R79M-300 planned for the same aircraft was to be rated at 181,3 kN and the Kunetsov NK-32/NK-321 for the Tu-160 bomber is rated at 245,18kN (the F-135 and F-136 seem to be in the 180 kN-class with a/b).
Sojuz R179-300

200,1 kN x 101,97 kg/kN / 0,454 kg/lb = 44 943.165 lb of thrust

It seems that this engine wanished from their web :-\

But I saved everything to my archive... :) But currently I dont have access to it because the malfunction of my computer ::) But I can use my web ;D

Thrust: 200,1 kN
Weight: 2880 kg
Diameter 1,75 m
Lenght: 5,61 m
Fuel consumption: 0,064 kg/N/h
Air consumption: 180 kg/s
In/out air pressure ratio: 25
Bypass ratio: 0,73


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